Unstuck and Trying to Stay That Way

For the last five days, I’ve been participating in the Your Turn Challenge. The challenge was inspired by the Your Turn book by Seth Godin. Seth’s Special Projects Lead Winnie Kao designed a seven-day challenge for a like-minded community wanting to push themselves to write and publish (i.e., “ship”). I learned about the challenge after reading Getting Unstuck (a one week challenge), one of Seth’s daily posts, and clicking on Winnie’s invitation to join her. I joined and it has been an AMAZING experience!

The challenge offered prompts for topics. Some of the prompts have guided my posts. I especially wanted to respond to the Day 5 prompt because the invitation to get unstuck had been what initially drew me in. The topic also gave me the opportunity to write an instructive guide for myself. Perhaps others will find it helpful, too.

DAY 5: What advice would you give for getting unstuck?

First, admit it. Admitting that you are stuck seems obvious, but stuck is sneaky. It can mimic routines. It can impersonate that doubting voice in your head. It parades around as competing priorities. At its most dangerous (at least for me), it disguises itself as contemplation without a specific deadline or goal. Until you recognize and acknowledge it, you can waste a LOT of time waiting for a break-through.

Second, seek and accept help. Help comes in many forms. You have to figure out which forms works best for you in which situations. Here are some of my “go-to helpers”:

  • Can’t complete a thought? Take a 20-minute power nap.
  • Distracted? Go for a brisk walk.
  • Difficulty identifying next step? Ask a trusted colleague.
  • Undecided? Create a decision-making matrix.
  • Established practice isn’t working? Seek new approaches from other industries or sectors.
  • Keep running into same obstacle? Reroute.
  • Cluttered mind? Clean off your desk. (This is just me. I understand for some, a cluttered desk works.)
  • Feeling off-course? Revisit purpose.
  • Completely derailed? Get a coach.
  • Need a push? Accept a challenge!

These are just a few ideas. Keep experimenting with what works best for you.

Third, fortify your surroundings. When you are trying to achieve something, create an environment that supports you and your vision. Your surroundings include your workspace, the people you encounter and the places where you spend your time (on and offline). Even if certain surroundings were helpful to you in the past, they may not be able to offer what you need now. That’s ok. You are in a process of becoming. Your focus plus who and what surrounds you determines how fast and strong you grow.

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