Another #%$! Acronym That Might Be Just What You Need

At least once a day, I end up looking up an acronym to find out what it means. Let’s face it. The use of acronyms is less about efficiency and more about excluding all but a small percentage of the population from knowledge you possess. That’s why LOL, which used to mean “laugh out loud” (or if you were a mom trying to be hip, it was “lots of love”) is OVER. It got overused. Too many people knew its meaning and it fell out of fashion. It’s no longer exclusive enough.

I’m not a fan of exclusivity. Also, not a fan of acronyms.

There is one acronym, however (and while I am only promoting the concept it represents), I do want to bring to your attention. Maybe you have seen it or heard it before.

PLN = Personal Learning Network

So what does that mean? Let’s break it down.

Personal means it relates to you.

Learning means acquiring new knowledge.

Network means access through an interconnected system of people and resources.

You acquiring new knowledge through an interconnected system of people and resources.

Personal learning networks are pretty cool things. And, unlike acronyms, they represent access to an expansive and expanding world of knowledge for those who create and leverage them.

My graduate program is hosting an open section of Exploring Innovation in Networked Work and Learning starting today. If you are interested in “models of learning that leverage networked environments,” join in. Personal Learning Networks are one of those models that might be just what you need to lead a learning life.

4 thoughts on “Another #%$! Acronym That Might Be Just What You Need

  1. in the vast domain of Acronym, PLN makes more sense than most — even so it is never safe to assume that someone in another field will understand. PLNs are associated with education but should be able to cross over.


    • I agree, Vanessa. One of my favorite concepts is “the curse of knowledge.” After we are in the know, we forget what it was like when we were not. I try to define acronyms when speaking or writing, but they often become words (with associated meaning) and therefore I sometimes forget.

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  2. “You acquiring new knowledge through an interconnected system of people and resources.”Georgianne, I love it! Simply, direct, accurate – nicely done. I also like how straightforward and to the point your post was. Thx


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